Yo Sista! English musical in town

You would have heard the ads on FM and seen the hoardings in places but
might dismiss this as a high school presentation. While that is exactly
what it is.. a bunch of us who went yesterday were completely taken
aback at the quality of production, sound, sets. This is a musical
adapted from Sister Act II.. and well worth the 2.5 hours.

Tickets are available for tonight (150 - balcony, 200, 300 and 500).
Show starts at 7.00pm and is at the St John's Auditorium, Koramangala
opposite the Koramangala BDA complex. There is parking inside. The show
is there tomorrow as well but I think sold out.

You can pick up tickets at the venue from 10am to 6pm today.

Go go..

New Ark Mission

We met this one man army last night. Saw some hard-to-stomach videos. It was painful, and inspiring. One man does make a difference. We're going to be more closely associated with this hands-on effort to street people.. will post as it happens. Meantime check out

Tarzan in there?

So I'm not the Tarzan-Jane types. I like the ground nice and firm under me...and relatively clean. I won't be first (or last!) in line to jump off a tree...or swing off it. But I do enjoy a trek, some camping, ..not a complete loss outdoors.

easy hero badge - more Jade-isms

This girl-friend tries to press-start her bike after the heavy-rain night recently and it gives trouble. So I offered to kick-start it just as she was asking if we can call Josh out. I did it.. the bike started on the second kick and they were off. Jade walks in with: "My mom can do anything!"

Jade and Juls recently watching Lizzie Mcquire.. a quiz at the end - What do you hate most? Jade's choice - nosy silabalings.

We were discussing a 3br place we saw. Jade quickly assigns rooms - you and dad in one, me in one, Julieanne in the third. What about ajji? Oh, she can be with you guys!

casino royale - thumbs down

I'm sorry. I tried. I sat through. I am horribly judgmental-its a character flaw. But Daniel Craig kept reminding me of Timon ..and the whole movie fell horribly flat. They could have done so much more with that story line.. and of course, Pierce Brosnan.